Critical Infrastructure Protection

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Critical Infrastructure Protection

The term ‘critical infrastructure’ means a system, a resource, a process, a whole, whose destruction, interruption or even partial or momentary unavailability has the effect of significantly weakening the efficiency and normal functioning of a country, but also of weakening the security and the economic-financial and social system.

Transportation networks, national borders surveillance (green and blue), communication networks, ports and airports.

Designing and providing integrated systems to protect those infrastructures from any kind of threats is our proven mission.

Due to the specifics of power plants and networks, even if they belong to critical national infrastructures, we prefer to talk about dedicated solutions to the domain of Energy, very complex indeed.

Oil & Gas Production Plants (On and Off-shore, including FPSO), LNG and GTL Plants, Pipelines, Nuclear Plants, Solar Power and Wind Farm.  All these are strategic infrastructures for the national economy and they have to be adequately protected.  Moreover, people working in those premises have to work safely instead the high risks to which they are subjected.  Our solutions, in line with the most restrictive international standards, make the infrastructure safe and secure.

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