General Dynamics Italy Management Team


General Dynamics is a world leader in large scale bespoke communications networks with an unrivalled pedigree delivering national systems such as Bowman in the UK (70,000 mobile users and 13,000 land sea and airborne platforms), Land Command Support System in Canada and the US Marine Corps Tactical Data Network.

General Dynamics is currently rolling out the all-embracing WIN-T communications system for the US Army, providing communications all the way from strategic command to the foot soldier and encapsulating all secure and non-secure communications mediums, portable and fixed, wired and wireless. With unrivalled pedigree in the military domain, General Dynamics truly knows how to manage essential communications of voice and data in harsh and varied and changing environments subject to multiple threats and hazards.

General Dynamics manufactures a range of specialist communications equipment including satellite and troposcatter systems operating in C, X, Ku or Ka bands. New UHF and VHF portable radios are being delivered to the US Army, including the state-of-theart Pathfinder radio for mobile security scenarios.

General Dynamics is leading the way in the provision of 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless broadband for private mobile networks. The technology provides a major uplift in the communications capability that can now be provided to first responders and in the wireless provision of high bandwidth networks to support requirements such as live video streaming with a near term roadmap for the introduction of mission critical voice.

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